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Our Work

Our work primarily revolves around using technology in philanthropic ways; we are always at the forefront of new technological innovations, and try to make use of them to give back to the world.

Our Work

Main Projects

Some of our main projects focus on utilizing cutting edge technologies - from AI, to cryptocurrency and NFTs, or mobile games - as a way of directly supporting people in need.

Mobile Minigames

Mobile Minigames is a charity focused mobile game used to help supply players a basic income. Players who support the charity 'Giving Works' with the in-game currency Crypton are rewarded with PRPS, which can then be traded outside the game. So far, the game has been used as a way for many to help support their families, put food on their plates, and much more!

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Hot Reload for Unity

Hot Reload is a Unity Verified Solution to Edit Code Without Compiling. Trusted by hundreds of developers - from the smallest indie developers, to multimillion-dollar game studios - Hot Reload is saving developers thousands of hours by allowing devs to make changes to any C# code and get immediate updates in-game or in-editor.

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Custom AI Solutions

Custom AI Solutions offers personalized artificial intelligence services tailored to suit the specific brand needs and applications. With a focus on exploring innovative uses for AI, their partnerships have reached millions of people worldwide through various media channels. Their expertise in video, voice, text, and AI-generated images can help any brand revolutionize its digital projects and make a lasting impact.

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Twitch Livestreams

We have a Twitch Team with various livestreams created by volunteers here. Some of them are experimental shows aimed at innovating entertainment, fundraising and raising awareness via cutting-edge AI technology. Others are personal channels from volunteers. Tune in to ask them questions about their experience here and get updates on our projects.

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Long Covid Watch

A group of long-haulers in search of - and who believe they may have found - an effective long-term solution at combatting specific symptoms of long COVID. An independent, self-funded group with no affiliation to any brands or manufacturers that wants to run trial surveys for underresearched supplements with positive preliminary findings.

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Giving Works NGO

Giving Works is an international NGO aimed at amplifying the philanthropic impact of innovative technologies - such as the PRPS and DUBI blockchain tokens - as well as providing practical, financial and material support to people in need.

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PRPS (Purpose)

PRPS is a not-for-profit project which consists of two utility tokens: PRPS (Purpose), and DUBI (Decentralized Universal Basic Income). Based on the ideological objective of giving back, the tokens are supported by a large community of activists and independent developers, and are now used to help supply people a basic income through projects like Mobile Minigames.

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Our Work

Other Projects

Some of our other projects focus on raising money for kids in need and inspiring individuals around the world to take action and give back to the world. Others are side-projects to accompany our main endeavours. While these projects are currently not our main focus, we still maintain and occasionally update them.

Check out our full Track Record, created by volunteers, in this document.

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Charity Fundraising

Over the past decade, we have helped raise more than $25 million dollars for Save the Children's many programs as well as visited some of their programs in an attempt to raise awareness around important issues.
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Gaming For Good

Gaming For Good is a not-for-profit charity gaming and streaming platform, and was the primary tool used to raised millions of dollars for Save the Children over the past decade.
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As a way of inspiring, educating, and raising awareness around important issues, the team created several different documentaries; some examples of which include "The End of Ebola", and "What is Consciousness".
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The Real Talk Podcast is a series of podcasts discussing various topics as a way of educating, helping, and inspiring listeners to be the best versions of themselves (recommended listening if you want to volunteer!).
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DubiEx is a truly decentralized, feeless Polygon exchange which offers a seamless and trustless user experience by allowing traders to instantly trade without the need to deposit or withdraw - and is the primary trading hub for cryptocurrencies PRPS & DUBI. DubiEx features integration with multiple different cryptocurrency wallets and allows hodling PRPS to receive DUBI.
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Kickstart NFT

Kickstart NFT is a not-for-profit initiative created to inspire grassroots charity fundraising. All NFTs on Kickstart NFT are given out freely to the persons depicted on the website and, when claimed, are able to be sold to the highest bidder without any proceeds going to the team behind Kickstart NFT. We believe this can inspire many of the famous individuals listed to do good with the funds they will receive.
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Mobile Minigames Shop

The Mobile Minigames Shop allows players to acquire in-game deals by burning cryptocurrencies PRPS and DUBI. The online shop has exclusive deals with better value than what is found in-game. It also allows bulk-buying deals and subscriptions to ensure you don't miss out on the best offers and get additional rewards. Being able to gift deals to other players is an additional neat feature.
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Refugee Hosting

Due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, we are hosting Ukrainian refugees who have been affected and displaced by the war. While here, we have been supporting the refugees as many pursue various endeavors - whether that is learning coding, fundraising money for their families in Ukraine, or anything else - while also providing them with comfortable accommodation, healthy food, utilities, and more.
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