This is a list of things people can work on when coming over. Of course a big focus lies on thinking for yourself and doing what you believe is right. It’s not mandatory to pick from this list but rather serves as a tool to help people navigate with what they can do.

It is important to take note that no specific skills or knowledge is required. This environment will provide the necessary guidance and tools to give you the ability to learn any of these skills.


(as of 19 mar 2017)

Edit footage and learn from people with years of experience.
Use professional camera equipment to record footage for future projects.
Collect, structure & condense insights & their scientific sources for “logicnation.org”.
Moderate streams and find ways to engage with the community.
Create graphical content such as stream overlays, logos, website banners & more.
Work together with other people to develop strategies to spread projects.
Analyze expenses and research ways to optimize them.
This includes things such as producing Vlogs.
Translate content so that it is presentable in different languages.
Be responsible for the preparation and distribution of meals, manage the storage of food etc.
Be in charge of the kitchen.
Help with the design of websites so that they feel more intuitive and easier to navigate.
Ensure that all accommodations are in perfect condition.
This includes research & content collection suitable for social media & more.


(as of 19 mar 2017)

The app will be the center of "Project NX" & connect people that want to do good.
This hour long documentary will be the culmination of all key insights.
NDA. The goal of the project is to increase traffic to gamingforgood.
This game is made to have a cash flow.
The interviews keep track of people's experiences & progress.
Present insights from the latest discoveries in science to new target audiences.
Trying to grow following to reach a bigger audience.
A place with more information about the movement & what we try to achieve.
A place to find the insights from the latest discoveries in science & have a more intuitive feel.
The best bits of the stream condensed into easy to digest podcasts.