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Our volunteer team consists of members from all walks of life and all experience levels. From CEO to software developer; maintenance personnel to chef; everyone is welcome to be a Singularity Group volunteer!

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Read what some of our volunteers say about their experiences here. πŸ’¬

  • Ana Carolina L. photo

    Ana Carolina L.

    If you want to do good in the World and also learn a new skill... this is the place for you!! It's a completely different experience from my past volunteer programs. On top of being able to meet people from all over, explore new places, and practice English; in this place, you also have a chance to find your purpose and give life to a passion project that can help people. Here, they will give you all the support needed to make it happen and have an even greater impact. I improved my English with volunteers from all over and I also could focus on some projects I'm developing. This was only possible with the support of this place, they provide everything that was agreed on. On top of that, the work is flexible, which gives you time to explore and have a healthy lifestyle 😊

  • Catalina C. photo

    Catalina C.

    My entire experience at Singularity Group was amazing. From all the things I learned doing tasks during my stay, to the wonderful people I met. The tasks were easy to complete and you had the freedom to accommodate your schedules as you want (something that i really liked). I recommend this place for many reasons, but more than anything because you surround yourself with people who drive you to be better. It is exciting to see how many people work every day to achieve change. I am really thankful for everything <3

  • Serena B. photo

    Serena B.

    It was a fantastic experience that helped me grow. From the very beginning, I was surrounded by motivated people who were committed to having the most possible maximum social impact. I had the opportunity to use my graphic design skills in a stimulating and concrete project, which helped me learn a lot. I was presented with the chance to acquire skills in cutting-edge AI tools. As a graphic designer, learning how to use software that generates images, such as Stable Diffusion is crucial and these were not covered in my university education due to their novelty. Everyone here wants to stay abreast with the progress, comprehend them, and harness their potential to have the biggest positive impact in the world. Additionally, I was able to dedicate myself to studying Python, a programming language that was new to me. This place is ideal for individuals seeking to utilize their free time for personal growth, both emotionally and professionally. For those who possess a curious nature, the experience ultimately leads to enrichment in all aspects of life, due to the powerful and effective social and environmental influence one can make here.

  • Uliana K. photo

    Uliana K.

    I’m delighted to recommend volunteering with The Singularity Group. When I arrived, I was welcomed at the train station, provided my own room with a bathroom, fresh food and vegan supplements. My tasks were interesting and educational. While I was there, I met so many amazing people from all over the world. The special thing about this place is that you can choose your own path and move through it at a comfortable speed. No pressure or enforcement, everything is up to your desire and dedication πŸ™‚ I was excited to be a part of the community and able to experience new cultures and habits. In this place you can meet many experienced professionals from different fields and learn from each other in a fun way. It's a valuable opportunity that I recommend everyone to try if you want to explore new areas and improve your professional skills πŸ™‚

  • Valentina photo


    I would totally recommend the Singularity Group. If you are looking for a quiet, nice and welcoming space to stay, this is your place to be! Everything was as agreed and everybody was always ready to help, change shift if necessary and support with coding and video editing. I 100% recommend it to any kind of traveler, since you will always feel welcomed by the amazing people that work there. ❀️

  • Sebastian L. photo

    Sebastian L.

    It was my fourth experience as a volunteer in my life and I can say that it have been the best one yet. As soon as you arrive you feel welcome and they provide you with everything you need. The arrangements for the practical work are so flexible and also the tasks are so easy to complete. You have a lot of time to learn skills like coding or video editing or even writing, they will teach you everything you need.

  • Andressa M. photo

    Andressa M.

    I had such a great experience at Singularity Group! I chose the tasks that I deemed more suitable for me and was interested to learn. Everything that I need in my daily life was provided: a comfortable room, delicious food, toiletry... Everyone there was really friendly and took care of each other, and I could make friends from all over the world. I had planned to stay at the Singularity Group for only one month, but I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to stay longer. And that was the best decision I could have made. Besides all the facilities we have there, I improved my English, adopted a healthier lifestyle, and could grow being surrounded by driven people from all over. Thank you for having me and I hope to see you guys making even more social impact :)

  • Fredd photo


    It was my first volunteering experience and it was excellent! I got to learn some programming with the help of nice and really experienced people, it was an insightful experience. I felt welcomed by other volunteers and the people who live there. I recommend this experience to everyone who’s interested in learning some hard skills like programming. I also had the opportunity to meet really nice people all over the world and of course improve my english. Being part of a project that has a nice purpose for the world gives you new ways to see the things and it becomes a life changing. I completely recommend this experience. Thank you for your hospitality!

  • Gabriela photo


    Singularity Group is a really good place to volunteer. They are very respectful and kind. The place is clean, the food is good and they are very flexible about the tasks and how you contribute in the community. Also, as the majority of them work as coders, video editors, etc. they can teach you those things and you have the possibility to help their project too. I totally recommend it to anyone! Thank you guys for having me :)

  • Emma photo


    It was an interesting experience! I got to learn about editing videos and the kitchen work was really chill. A lot of time to learn skills. The people there are really focused on their work and creating a positive impact. If you want a quiet place, where you can learn how to do different things with computers, this is the perfect place!

  • Miranda photo


    I was at the Singularity Group for 5 weeks, it was a good experience. Work tasks were easy and you get to have your own room. The town is nice for someone who enjoys walking. Overall it’s a good place to stay, I recommend staying there 😊

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