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Our Team

Our volunteer team consists of members from all walks of life and all experience levels. From CEO to software developer; maintenance personnel to chef; everyone is welcome to be a Singularity Group volunteer!

Total Volunteers

Our Team

The People

Check out some of the many volunteers dedicating their time towards working on The Singularity Group's philanthropic projects.

  • Riccardo V. photo

    Riccardo V.

    • Tania D. photo

      Tania D.

      • Nolan J. photo

        Nolan J.

        • Cedric C. photo

          Cedric C.

          • Maral M. photo

            Maral M.

            • Fedor J. photo

              Fedor J.

              • Dana B. photo

                Dana B.

                • Jan R. photo

                  Jan R.

                  • Troy L. photo

                    Troy L.

                    • Cassidy K. photo

                      Cassidy K.

                      • Igor B. photo

                        Igor B.

                        • Luisa S. photo

                          Luisa S.

                          • Jona K. photo

                            Jona K.

                            • Damian A. photo

                              Damian A.

                              • Ana Carolina L. photo

                                Ana Carolina L.

                                • Rasmus D. photo

                                  Rasmus D.

                                  • Sofia P. photo

                                    Sofia P.

                                    • Benjamin S. photo

                                      Benjamin S.

                                      • Theo F. photo

                                        Theo F.

                                        • Louise M. photo

                                          Louise M.

                                          • Leon S. photo

                                            Leon S.

                                            • Andressa M. photo

                                              Andressa M.

                                              • Lorenzo V. photo

                                                Lorenzo V.

                                                • Rowan S. photo

                                                  Rowan S.

                                                  • Lijin H. photo

                                                    Lijin H.

                                                    • Alex Z. photo

                                                      Alex Z.

                                                      • Catalina C. photo

                                                        Catalina C.

                                                        • Jakob R. photo

                                                          Jakob R.

                                                          • Brian B. photo

                                                            Brian B.

                                                            • Serena B. photo

                                                              Serena B.

                                                              • Robin H. photo

                                                                Robin H.

                                                                • Monika K. photo

                                                                  Monika K.

                                                                  • Konrad C. photo

                                                                    Konrad C.

                                                                    • Matthew L. photo

                                                                      Matthew L.

                                                                      • Uliana K. photo

                                                                        Uliana K.

                                                                        • Simon L. photo

                                                                          Simon L.

                                                                          • Nikita K. photo

                                                                            Nikita K.

                                                                            • Mitchell L. photo

                                                                              Mitchell L.

                                                                              • Ossi K. photo

                                                                                Ossi K.

                                                                                • Matt S. photo

                                                                                  Matt S.

                                                                                  • Erik P. photo

                                                                                    Erik P.

                                                                                    • Georg T. photo

                                                                                      Georg T.

                                                                                      • Sebastian L. photo

                                                                                        Sebastian L.

                                                                                        • Matija P. photo

                                                                                          Matija P.

                                                                                          • Gowtham S. photo

                                                                                            Gowtham S.

                                                                                            singularity group building

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