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This post aims to explain a little bit more about our AI Livestream projects and give you some insight into our work. To accompany it, volunteers also created this document, that covers which avenues we have tried out, reasons why we have certain models or took specific actions, profiles for each stream, and other potentially interesting details.

AI Livestreams

We now have several AI streams on Twitch that are live 24/7 - almost all of which run completely autonomously. Developing and setting up these serve to help our volunteers explore how to use AI technology, learn how to advance it to hopefully in the future start looking into technical AI safety research, and the streams are also meant to fund themselves. Tech-wise we are combining existing AI tools such as GPT and and adding our own customizations.

Apart from working on adding more different kinds of AI streams, we very heavily invest in upgrading the existing streams which show high potential. That means we might develop upgrades for one stream and then slowly incorporate them into all others. By now, most of our streams include our latest in-house advancements of short- and long-term memory, meaning the AI personas will remember questions asked and comments in chat weeks ago and use this information to create a more personalized answer for each specific viewer.

So apart from pure entertainment, the AI streams are limited showcases of some of the achievements we're hitting internally, while researching early potential building blocks for what could in the future become AGI [Artificial General Intelligence]. They serve to demonstrate that we're ahead of the curve with our progress in this specific area, which helps us attract and find more competent AI researchers to contribute to our project. Humanity can use all the help we can get to tackle all the issues regarding responsibly building towards an AGI that can be trusted to reason constructively.

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All AI Personalities in our streams are simulated parody characters based on their public personas and do not represent their actual thoughts or opinions. Any statements made by these AI entities should be considered purely as entertainment and not as the views of the real individuals or The Singularity Group.

You can find stream highlight clips and engage with the community in the AI Stream discord servers or in the AIStreamFail subreddit. Also make sure to check out this document, which explains the project in-depth, including descriptions for all of the different streams.

While this post was rather short, the accompanying document took a lot of time and effort to make - so we hope you find it interesting! Thanks for your continued support and patience while we work hard on our projects and try to keep you informed at the same time! 🙏

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