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Ale Fernandez
Ale Fernandez

Ale Fernandez

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The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

Pablo Picasso

A week ago the Singularity Group welcomed me through their doors. I now find myself in a small town in Eastern Germany, not too different from my hometown in the middle of the United States. The crisp autumn air feels familiar to Nebraska’s when I take in a breath, and it’s funny to me to think I’ve spent most my time fleeing this. Now I stop to gaze upon the week I’ve been here. Totally disregarding my own timeline, I ponder back to the birth of an idea set in motion in a timeline different from my own. The week I’ve spent here is just a speck of time throughout the overall history of the community, and of the commitments made by the individuals who form a fundamental part of it. Who are they? Where do they come from? When did their timelines ultimately meet?

When I arrived seven days ago, my expectations were exceeded. That is, 7 days of me being here compared to the 7+ years in the making of this place. Many of the original volunteers would have been about my age when all of this was new to them. My twenty-one year old perspective is the only one I can account for, but I don’t imagine it would be much different from the aspirations of those who came long before me. After gathering adequate information on the journey I was about to embark upon, I put my skepticism aside and chose to be a part of this community. I wanted to experience something greater than me. The sense of this altruistic-based community which aligned with my own inclinations was almost instinctual. Repeatedly, I encounter innovation, initiative, and full transparency in autonomous means.


Upon arrival I encountered a giant pink bunny wearing spongebob slippers. Aside from the fun theatrics of one eccentric individual, being here I’ve found great emphasis on the usefulness of giving back in society. I occasionally help with kitchen work and room preparation, though I have been made clear I do not need to; I do this because I am inspired by the organization’s hospitality and philosophy. Within this organization, individuals are allowed and encouraged to explore what they are passionate about and what their drives are. Take me for example - I streamed for the first time while being here and I’ve also been given this opportunity to start a blog. This is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, and being here has given me a start at that; giving me both the freedom and opportunity to flourish. I truly appreciate being around so many like minded individuals pertaining to different backgrounds and upbringings. I trust it is my goal to understand why each of us are here and share with the world our objectives and operations.


Getting the world to understand is crucial. That’s why the blog could be an essential part in getting in touch with the outside world - it’s ideal to communicate with other perspectives and bring awareness to our projects. Making a positive impact in the world using the resources we are given, with each clack on the keyboard and each click on the mouse. We involve ourselves whole-heartedly in what we do here. A little piece of us and what we stand for will be put out into the web weekly, allowing our followers to keep up with the magic that keeps us going. Most of the magic happens in the basement in a labyrinth of computers and monitors controlled by faces of deep expression.

When I first arrived here, someone asked me what I thought the purpose of life is; I answered truthfully, but my answer was challenged. Here’s where things began to get interesting. My answer hasn’t changed, yet I was left to introspect on how proactive I really am when it comes to my beliefs and ideals. Am I doing all I can in order to ease life for those less fortunate than me? What am I doing to help those around me? I’m left with these questions as I search for the answers within myself, allowing for some sort of reflection to be put into play. Contemplation I hope to pass on to our readers as they embark on the journey with us - whether that be from their homes, work spaces, or from within the walls of the organization itself.

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Over the years, The Singularity Group - together with its online community and partners - has raised over 25 million dollars for Save the Children. In an age of technology and innovation, we make active humanitarian use of the right technologies to create a Decentralized Universal Basic Income (DUBI). The goal is to utilize and deploy this cryptocurrency to allow our philanthropic vision to succeed. Over 200 minds from more than 35 different countries have put in work to make this happen..We are determined to make a change. Preoccupying our working minds with a socially conscious mentality, we strive towards a better future for us all.

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