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This blog post is the start of a new series that is all about our volunteers. While other articles explain our projects, give updates and more, the goal of this one is to get to know the people behind the scenes. Via these introductions I want to tell you a little bit more about individual members of the Singularity Group, what projects they work on and which tasks they contribute with. This way you know whom you might meet and collaborate with when coming over to volunteer with us. 🙂

Introducing Tania

Tania is originally from Belgium and has been part of the crew for a long time already. Over the years she has contributed to most of our projects and helped out with many different tasks. For example, during the development of Mobile Minigames she worked on Quality Assurance, Design Documents and Community Management. She streamed the game on Twitch, answered viewers' questions about it, and still today has one of the biggest vibrant in-game communities. If you haven’t tried the game already, click here to download it and join her!

MoMi Pony
MoMi Hero

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While she has also always been helping out with practical tasks like preparing food and cleaning, her longest standing interest and endeavor is definitely streaming on Twitch She is a variety streamer and typically goes live 3 times a week to spend time with her wholesome community. When it comes to games, she regularly tries out new ones, as well as playing her community favorites like Eldenring, Resident Evils and the Souls’ series.

Sometimes you might catch her doing a workout on stream, inspiring viewers to lead a healthy lifestyle and get up and move together. In the past Tania has also spent quite some time learning coding. So if you are into programming - whether a beginner or not - you should also tune into her stream. Cuz she sometimes does live practices, building her own small Javascript projects and teaching viewers what she learned along the way. 🎮

Working Spot

Tania has set up her streaming room to have a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere, complete with a comfy couch, fairy lights and living plants. Yes, I have to emphasize that they are alive, cuz plants in our house have the tendency to die quite often. 😛 Apart from creating content in this room, she also hosts the occasional social activity here, like girls’ movie night.

Cozy Corner

But more importantly, the room provides a welcoming “safe zone”, making people able to open up. Thus it’s the perfect place for her to hang out with people, chat over a cup of tea or even talk about serious topics. By providing this space and opportunity to talk and go for walks, she contributes significantly to helping newcomers feel comfortable in our environment.

Streaming Room

In her work time, Tania focuses on content creation for the teams’ and her personal social media accounts. She uses her Premiere Pro-skills to provide video footage for training our AI models - in fact the majority of our AI Celebrities in our AI Parody Show have visuals edited by her.

You can see more examples of videos Tania has produced on her YouTube channel iTaniaUncensored. Apart from regularly uploading gameplay shorts from her own Twitch streams, she has also started publishing educational videos. The focus is currently on dutch tech videos, but she also created English content, including information about our projects - so make sure to check it out!

Apart from uploading to YouTube and streaming on Twitch, she is very active on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and her Community Discord. Follow her on Twitter for life updates, new video announcements and lots of pretty pictures! Whether it’s selfies, impressions of the nature in our area, inspirational quotes or personal jogging progress - her Instagram Stories have new stuff every day.

Those who work out regularly should also eat appropriately. So I checked her wishlist and it seems like Nakd Bars are her favorite store-bought treat. For homemade snacks she will make gluten free cookies made out of banana and coconut flakes. Yes, they have only 2 healthy ingredients and are easy to make - plus from my experience I can say they are super tasty. 😋

Cooking Area

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Tania! If you want to know more, just check out any of her Socials linked in this post! See you next time for a new volunteer introduction! 😊

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