Singularity Group Update #1

Maral Moghadasi
Maral Moghadasi

Maral Moghadasi

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We would like to ensure that you are kept up-to-date with the latest developments within our team and ongoing projects. Welcome to our news blog!

The Singularity Group is a team of over 40 action-oriented activists who support innovative and idealistic projects with a philanthropic core.

Given the recent changes in the world, such as the rise in gas/electrical prices, crypto crash, and modifications in advertisement laws, we have been fully focused on building during this crypto winter, as our game's RoAS (Return on Ad Spend) was no longer hitting the greens.

Despite these circumstances, we are actively working to resolve them through new revenue models, such as our recently released SaaS product "Hot Reload for Unity," which has been very well-received, and our new AI Show on Twitch (which at first glance might seem odd!)

Here are some quick updates on our ongoing projects:

Mobile Minigames:

  • Some months ago we added our largest addition to the game to date, "The Metaverse Expansion" where players can buy land across the world and generate passive income via plots.
  • We revamped the PvP/Game experience and the tutorial experience to improve retention for new and old players.
  • We added a Giving Works building in-game to support verified players in need.
  • A charity activation in-game is planned for April.
  • Trialing a namechange from Mobile Minigames to Athene AI Heroes, here's why:
    • Getting the format right for the AI show can enable easy interconnectivity and overlapping of traffic with the game. An example being: VICE showing interest in the mobile game and group primarily because the name of the game was similar to the AI Show and writing an article about our work.
    • Viewers on Twitch are more likely to engage with a QR code if it's related to the content being shown on the stream than if it appears to be a random ad.
    • We would not have been trialing a name-change if we were still pushing ads for MoMi. Since the game is currently in "building mode" and we are not pushing ads right now anyway, it's the perfect time to experiment.

athene ai show

The Athene AI Show:

  • Is our new smaller project run by a team of 4-5 people.
  • The show serves a multi-purpose function, including funding, marketing, increasing brand awareness, and networking/business opportunities with both large creators and companies.
  • The show's first format went viral and landed us a lot of traditional news, helping with our brand and reputation.
  • While the show is helping bring in revenue from sources such as YouTube/Twitch, our goal is to also provide it as a product for others, not just for ourselves.

hot reload

Hot Reload for Unity:

  • Our in-house secret sauce, "Hot Reload for Unity" is now available as a subscription service for game developers.
  • The SAAS product serves the primary purpose of helping fund our current and future projects.
  • Currently, Hot Reload is near 2,000 created licenses and is already being used by several well-known game companies.


  • The buywall is temporarily on pause due to financials, but we are actively pursuing ways to reinstate it.
  • Mobile Minigames is still an active source of income and incorporates PRPS/DUBI in its infrastructure.
  • PRPS & DUBI remain central to and in what we do.

We hope this update has given you a better idea of what we've been up to and how we're continuing to adapt and grow. As always, we appreciate your support and feedback, and we look forward to sharing thrilling news that we're unable to disclose just yet. Stay tuned for future updates!

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