Singularity Group Update #2

Maral Moghadasi
Maral Moghadasi

Maral Moghadasi

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It’s been little over a month since our last update. I heard many of you appreciate having a newsletter like this so I will continue working on giving you regular updates in this format.

In this short timespan many things have happened. I’ll try my best to give a comprehensive overview for anyone following our projects, who doesn't have time to catch the streams or other avenues of information.

Here are some quick updates on our ongoing projects:

Mobile Minigames:

  • We wrapped up our first activation with Save the Children since 2019.

As alluded to in our last update, we can now say that it was an in-game pet, available for purchase in 3 different tiers across the month of April - with the full amount of sales (after Google & Apple cuts) going to Save the Children and their programs.

This is big news for the group and supporters alike, as it means we are once again working together with Save the Children as an organisation. Thus we are able to pick-up where we left of in 2019; with future projects, such as the highly anticipated UBI Programs.

After listening to the feedback of the community, we’ve made sure to implement the following things in the game moving forward - either effective immediately, or in the next big update - along with many more things:

  • Patch Notes
  • Ability to put Exclusive Skins on Legacy NFT’s.
  • Removal of the Christmas Logo and corresponding assets from the store
  • Around 50 bug fixes (Including exporting with PRPS/DUBI being possible again)
  • Auto-assignment for Metaverse Plots to encourage more land owners.
    • Does not come with auto-kick functionality, as that will need a lot more changes and testing, because if it's not done properly, it can end up causing a lot of trouble for players.

Save The Children Charity Pet

Hot Reload for Unity:

  • The previously announced service "Hot Reload for Unity" is now available on the Unity Asset Store as a Unity Verified Solution! Right now it’s also on Sale for the next couple of days!
  • This further supports the SaaS product's primary purpose of helping fund our current and future projects.
  • In the past month, over 1,000 new licenses were created for Hot Reload and are now currently sitting at over 3,000 created licenses.
  • The Hot Reload Team attended a virtual industry event & had a speaking gig right after industry veterans like the Unity CEO. Over 600 people visited the Hot Reload Unity Asset during the speech. The team was given feedback from developers saying the product is groundbreaking for them. Overall the virtual conference was a positive experience for Hot Reload.

Hot Reload - Unity verified Solution

Long Covid Watch:

  • The Long Covid Watch website is live! Check it out here:
  • For those of you unfamiliar with the project, it is run by a group of long-haulers in search of - and who believe they may have found - an effective long-term solution at combatting specific symptoms of long COVID. But their data only covers a small group, so they'd like to trial it at a larger scale in order to gather more statistics on it's effectiveness. If the findings are positive, then the next goal is to encourage government and health officials to fund clinical trials.

The AI Show & Projects:

  • The AI direction serves a multi-purpose function: funding, marketing, increasing brand awareness and networking/business opportunities with companies and creators alike.
  • As mentioned before: The show's first format went viral and landed us a lot of traditional news, helping with our brand and reputation.
  • More recent projects have been highlighted by Sabine Hossenfelder in her video about AI
  • We’ve launched and added the Custom AI Solutions website to our projects page and plan to update our Visions page to be more AI focused soon. You can check out the website here:
  • The AI streams are a lot more cost-efficient after we signed a new partnership with for the AI voices last month. This helped reduce the costs by 90%, once all voice transitions had been done. The AI streams have been going well and are now making significantly more than they cost.
  • We’re currently focused on recruiting people in the AI field to work closely with on our future projects and already have people joining forces and coming over.

AI Custom Solutions

Many questions arose on why we won’t focus on the viral AI Shows we created at the start of our AI project, or why we aren’t competing with other AI projects on Twitch in terms of entertainment. To give a clear answer: The objective of what we are doing isn’t centered around creating the most engaging AI content on Twitch for popularity, but rather to build familiarity and expertise around AI and push the boundaries of what can be done and created with AI technologies for higher purposes.

To address the elephant in the room, we know there have been concerns and missunderstandings in regards to the heavy focus we are putting into Artificial Intelligence. While some of our work is now heavily AI-centered, we still work on our other projects in parallel - including the game and PRPS/DUBI. Bringing the DUBI buywall back is a high priority that goes hand in hand with many of our projects.

If you’d like to see a full address of what the AI-focus entails, hear the state of existing projects and a Q&A from the community answered, you can find the full Twitch VOD here.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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