Singularity Group Update #3



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In this update we want to recap our activities and progress in June and the few weeks leading up to it. Many things have happened, especially when it comes to our AI projects - so let's dive right in!

Mobile Minigames:

We have been sharing the Mobile Minigames roadmap in game discords, respectively online here, and used people's feedback on it to influence the prioritization of bug fixes and features. Apart from previously announced changes, the next update will feature a Player Crypton History, Custom Mail Character Limit increased to 500, Performance Improvements and Crash fixes. At the time of writing this article, coding for the new patch is done, but testing is still ongoing.

We've also created a new exclusive discord server for our top supporters. In this server players get direct access to several volunteers, who will answer any questions within 24 hours. Whether you want to know about game updates, are curious about our other projects, need game support or have real-life questions, you can ask anything and hang out with the devs here.

Access to the VIP discord is one of many benefits that players get when signing up to the crowdfunding subscriptions in the "Giving Works" building on the left side of the main menu. These support the development team, meaning it helps our volunteers work on more projects. In the same building players also have the option to support verified players from the Philippines who are playing to earn to work towards their dreams. You can gift in-game crypton, give out NFT scholarships or provide them with a plot on your land.

Exclusive Discord Subscription

Hot Reload:

The Hot Reload team pushed a bunch of fixes and quality of life improvements. They also added a new feature: Debugger Support in-editor and on-device. The full changelog separated by version is on the Hot Reload Website.

News Coverage:

The past months our projects - and more specifically our AI livestreams - have been covered by dozens of news articles, including major outlets like NBC News, AOL News, Dexerto, Independent and Vice! From international press to gaming- or religion-specific journalism, we saw articles in English, German, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian and Spanish. AI Jesus also made it into the Linus Tech Tips WAN Show.

While a few of them were about our AI livestreams in general, respectively the Parody AI Celebrity Q&A Talk Show, most of the attention was actually directed towards AI Jesus. Understandably, some articles were skeptical of the concept of a Jesus AI, but almost always they still wrote they were impressed by the voice, coherent answers, memory of previous questions and ability to stay positive. Most articles were actually positive or fairly neutral and several popular ones reached out to us to ask questions and then provided more detailed information about the stream and us in their articles.

Track Record:

Some of our volunteers spent time creating an in-depth track record. The idea of this document is to provide anyone - especially people with no or only very little knowledge about our group - an overview of our current and past projects, as well as achievements and challenges - categorized into the different project areas. It's not an official document and thus possibly incomplete, but you might still find some valuable tidbits of new information there. You can check it out here.

That's all for this update post, but you can click the links above for more information. Let us know what you think and see you next time! 😊

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