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In this blog post I would like to use my own daily routine as an example of how a day in the life of a volunteer at the Singularity Group could look like. Keep in mind that this is of course only my own experience - others might have a completely different schedule and tasks! So stay tuned for potentially more inspirations in future posts! 😊

Over the many years I've been volunteering here, I've had the chance to try pretty much anything and work on all projects. This means my daily tasks and routine varied greatly - even within the same project. But to give you an idea, the past week, my daily routine has looked like this:

I wake up around 1 pm and head downstairs to grab my ready-made breakfast from the fridge. This is what I look forward to every night, you should try it out if you ever come over. It might not look good, but I swear it's tasty! 😋

Breakfast Smoothie

After breakfast I get ready for my day and go to the working room to start today's tasks.First, I check my emails and then begin working on my current project - this is still under wraps so I can't give you further details, sorry. 😉 But it involves writing and replying to messages and chats, as well as conducting research on social media. I have a height-adjustable desk so I sometimes work while standing, especially during the early part of my day where I have more energy. Nowadays I often have to concentrate, but for grinder tasks I like to listen to music in the background.

Working Spot

My other meals are prepared by the kitchen crew and I usually have them put in the fridge since I often eat at different times. For lunch, I prefer to heat up my food before eating it, so I do that around 5pm. While grabbing or eating my food, I often meet some people in the living room and have a chat.

During the evening (or "late afternoon" according to my schedule), I like to make myself a sweet snack as a replacement for protein shakes. Lately, my favorite is mashing a banana, mixing it with cacao and protein powder, and then adding strawberries. 🍫🍓

After finishing up some more work, I have a 1-on-1 meeting at 11 pm to check on other ongoing projects and provide feedback. This is a chance to catch up with others, see what they're working on, and offer help or suggestions.

At midnight, I head to the gym for my weight lifting session. I prefer to exercise at the end of my day because it works best for me - and also because the gym is more likely to be free at this time - we have a lot of buff volunteers after all. 💪 While I don't work out every day, I regularly like to go for a walk before bed, to relax and unwind from the day.

Gym Meme

Before bed, I might stretch or watch short documentaries on YouTube from channels like Kurzgesagt or ColdFusion. I've also been reading books about Effective Altruism and listening to self-development podcasts. Sometimes, I write in my gratitude journal or make notes of ideas and other things that come to my mind. More often than not, writing down my thoughts is necessary to clear my head and prepare for a good night's sleep. I try to go to bed between 3-4 am and use guided meditations or ASMR if I have any issues falling asleep. 😴

There you have it, a possible "Day in My Life" as a volunteer at the Singularity Group, using my own daily routine as an example. I hope you liked this post - and if you did, make sure to come back soon for more behind-the-scenes content! 😊

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